Cylinder M15/M16/M4/AR V2 ASG


Perfect your AEGs Compression with the ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series CNC Cylinder Tube.

With our ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series parts program ActionSportGames provide the professional and hobbyist airsoft tech with the products they need to create the perfect powerline in their AEG – regardless of the individual build requirements. From our Ultimate Milspec springs, through to our gears and our motors, a second to none powerline is now available for the airsoft technician!

The ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series CNC Cylinder Tube from ActionSportGames is perfect for high performance airsoft builds where effective compression matched to barrel length is critical.   Each of the five cylinder tube sizes we offer for airsoft technicians provides the correct choice of ventilation hole position to match their selected barrel length to ensure peak performance.

Every precision cylinder tube is constructed from high quality seamless steel to ensure tight tolerance on the bore as well as providing a smooth inner surface via the cold draw process.  In addition, a CNC process is used to score the steel tubes outer surface to create a textured grooved pattern to further aid operation. 

This grooved surface enlarges the outer surface area of the cylinder and aids in heat dissipation. While all AEGs should be correctly lubricated, excess friction from the O-ring in conjunction with heat generated from air compression can create a build up of thermal energy that must be carefully controlled – the ASG CNC Cylinder Tube works perfectly in combination with the gearboxes lubrication to bleed off heat with optimum efficiency.

ULTIMATE®’s cylinder parts are designed to give the best possible air compression and durability and have been rigorously tested over thousands of high-speed cycles using various spring strengths to ensure they will handle even the most extreme use. For this reason, we recommend always using ULTIMATE® cylinder parts and not combining or mixing with other upgrade parts as this can affect the result and performance of the upgrade.


  • Constructed from 45C cold drawn seamless steel tube.
  • Hardness of 20-25 on the Rockwell scale  (cold hardening process).
  • Steel tube creates a lower risk of deformity of the spherical inner diameter during installation.
  • CNC lathed processing on outer surface.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning before surface treatment.
  • Isonite oxide surface treatment for corrosion and low friction purposes (black)
  • Milled air vents with an ASG logo signature for easy tech recognition.
  • Meets industrial standards on all measures.