Motor BOOST 40K Custom Long Axle Ultimate Upgrade ASG


This long shaft BOOST motor is rated to run at approx. 40,000 rpm. We recommend our BOOST motors in combination with our ULTIMATE Mil-Spec upgrade springs in the power range of M95-M115 for optimal performance.

Give your airsoft build a BOOST with the latest high-performance motors in the ULTIMATE Upgrade Series. Boost motors are designed to be the best buy when the ratio of performance versus price are compared.  Parts in the BOOST motor series focus on  greater strength and performance at an attractive price point and have all been developed to include the latest technologically developments.

The ULTIMATE BOOST motor series ideal for airsoft enthusiasts who need a replacement motor or a plug in all round upgrade motor to enhance performance over their AEG’s standard motor.


  • ASG own design front and back covers – offer greater stability
  • CNC machined pinion steel gear
  • CNC machined stainless steel shaft
  • Silicon steel rotor
  • Precision built motor housing
  • Heat resistant rare-earth magnets
  • Enlarged motor shaft ball-bearing stabilisers
  • High-grade silver plated wiring and larger carbon brushes for improved electrical conductivity

BOOST series motors are the natural choice for airsoft technicians and gamers looking for a way to ‘power up ‘ their AEG to the next level.   For more looking to maximise performance in the most exacting  custom builds, please view our market leading top line motors from our ULTIMATE CNC Series, all of which offer a full range of RPM and torque combination for the professional airsoft upgrade specialist.