Motor INFINITY CNC U-45000 Long Axle ASG


This long shaft INFINITY motor is rated to run at approx. 45,000 rpm. We recommend our INFINTY motors in combination with our ULTIMATE Mil-Spec upgrade springs in the power range of M95-M115 for optimal performance.

ULTIMATE Infinity series motors represent the state of the art in airsoft motor technology. Using only the highest grade materials and engineered to superior tolerances with CNC processes, each INFINTY motor is the pinnacle of AEG power with enhanced strength and performance.

INFINITY motors are designed to provide a highly versatile choice of top end motor solutions for even the most demanding custom airsoft builds.  Whether you’re designing a high speed DSG build, a powerful DMR or simply looking to get the most out of your favourite AEG, the INFINTY range has the right motor for you.